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Important Features And Applications of a Planetary Mixer

Concrete mixers are widely used for all types of construction purposes. Modern technology has led to invention of various machineries which include different features and capabilities. One of the most advanced and recent type of concrete mixer is the planetary mixer. These mixers can be bought even from the online stores as there are many reputable companies and dealers that showcase these machineries at affordable price rates.

Spectrum of Features:

High Mixing Efficiency: One of the most important and attractive feature of these mixers is its high efficiency. The machine includes mixing arms that move on a complex track. These mixing arms are controlled by the gear box of the mixer. It offers more efficiency in mixing the concrete due to its unique structures.

Steady Driving Capacity: The entire mixer is controlled and powered by a hard surface gear box and therefore these mixers offer a steady driving which is another attractive feature of this mixing equipment.

Easy to Maintain: The transmission system of the planetary mixer is basically located at the top of the mixing drum and therefore it is completely disconnected from the concrete. As a result it is quite easy to maintain these mixers and there are hardly any leakage issues in these mixers. The structure of this mixer is uniquely crafted which reduces maintenance and ensures optimum performance.

Homogeneous Mixing: The mixing blades consist of different groups of mixing arms and therefore it ensures excellent performance. These arms cover the entire mixing area which guarantees proper and complete mixing process. A homogeneous mixing can therefore be ensured with the use of these devices.

Various Discharging Methods: This concrete mixer also exhibits multiple discharging methods which include doors that can be operated pneumatically, hydraulically and manually. It is possible to customize these machines according to individual requirements. The online stores offer various customized products which can be chosen according to the specific needs of customers.

Uniquely Designed Water Sprayer: These mixers also include special types of sprayers which ensure equal distribution of materials and water.

These mixers are basically used to mix dry hard concrete. It can be used to mix commercial concrete, pre-cast and high performance concrete. Apart from this, these devices have various other uses. It can also be used to manufacture pre-fabricated parts and building blocks.

These devices are also used largely in construction sites to manufacture dry mortar, color concrete, steel fiber reinforced concrete and so forth.

In addition to the construction sectors, the planetary mixers are used for various other purposes such as mixing of dough, syrup, jelly, ointment and so forth. There are vacuum type mixers too which can be used to mix paste, wet mass, dry powders and ointments. Vacuum mixer is one of the most innovative designs that facilitates in homogeneous mixing.

A huge spectrum of mixer devices can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. However, it is essential to choose devices according to its specifications and purpose of use for optimum results.

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