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The Benefits of Choosing Hardwood Floors Over Carpet

When my husband and I purchased our first home, we had one demand on our list – it had to have hardwood flooring. To us, hardwood flooring is the most durable, sleekest, and best looking flooring option on the market. As we purchased a that was house built in the 1930’s, we were fortunate to find a home with “old wood” that was in fabulous condition. Since moving in we have talked many times about how wonderful owning a home with this type of flooring truly is!

For one thing, we have three small indoor dogs, and I cannot imagine having carpet with them. As they shed a lot, there is often hair to be swept up. Luckily this is quite simple to do with the use of a vacuum or Swiffer Sweeper. I love the simplicity of using a Swiffer and being able to sweep up the hair and dust bunnies in a matter of seconds. Having a home with carpet tends to leave a lot of the hair, dust, and allergens left behind. This is not good for a person who suffers from allergies, like myself.

Another great thing about hardwood flooring is the durability. These floors take a lot from having three dogs and two grown adults walking all over them throughout the day. The great thing about it is if you have the proper protectant on the floor you truly do not need to worry about scratches from everyday use. You simply need to be careful when moving furniture or scooting things across the floor. Other than that hardwood flooring is quite durable and a truly great investment of a lifetime!

One thing that you really need to be careful about when owning hardwood flooring is to not walk in high heels on the floors! I was not aware of this and now the floors in front of the full length mirror in bedroom have a bunch of small dents in them. You cannot see them unless you are really looking, and if need be they can be removed with a bit of refinishing.

The great thing about hardwood flooring is the option of refinishing. If you do have something happen to damage the integrity of the flooring you can always get them refinished and start over from new. The truth is this type of flooring has a lot of durability, adds a lot of value to your home, and is an overall great investment!

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