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Electrical Tips During Home Inspection


As the winter chills are creeping in, it is advisable to winterize your home and save time and money in the long cold winter days! Many people suffer burn injuries if they accidentally set up their water heaters too high for normal use. However, with the expertise of Accurate Inspections, you can relax and let our skilled professionals set up the temperature of your water heater at the most suitable 120 degrees.

Our qualified personnel will also check the hot water heater for any leakages and shall recommend you the perfect size you should install, keeping in mind your family members. Our NJ Home inspectors shall thoroughly check if any valve is loose, needs replacement or repair and shall guide you through the entire process. With their skilled eye, our qualified team shall be able to diagnose if the element of the water heater is in proper condition or not. Accurate Inspections is here to help you sail through a comfortable and warm winter.


Whether you are selling your home, deciding to buy a new one or simply improving your present conditions, it is imperative to ensure complete electrical safety of your family by getting a through home inspection done. Accurate Inspections, with its highly skilled home inspectors scans your home for any electrical discrepancies like any loose wires , any over heat wiring, knob and tube wiring or simply poorly connected wires.

With your well being and safety being our top most concern, our NJ Home Inspectors shall examine all the exterior and interior electrical systems, millimetres, DMMs and give you the most apt advice on how to improvise the situation. With their expertise, our inspectors will even solve daily issues like insufficient overload protection or a missing plastic plate cover of an electric outlet, which may cause unwanted accidents and injury. When you reach out to Accurate Inspections, we go the extra mile in saving you from any electrical contingencies you may encounter.

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