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8 Fun and Cool Area Rugs to Own

Area rugs can be very functional, highly decorative, provide warmth, add elegance, spruce up the room and bring beauty and charm to the room. Smart, beautiful, elegant, simple, ornate, ethnic, so many types of area rugs are there in the market. Each will have a purpose of its own, adding personality to not just the room but the furniture and accessories in the room. But did you know that area rugs can be fun and cool? Read below to find out about the fun factor your rugs have. Listed below are 8 area rugs that are fun to pick and cool to own.

• Soft, fluffy rugs

They feel so soft, so divine under your feet. Place it in front of your fireplace and watch the wood crackle or along your French window to see the snowflakes land on the window. Anywhere you place it, it invites warmth. Dig your feet in the soft fiber and enjoy yourself.

• Bamboo rugs

This rug, or the mat which is commonly used in many Asian countries, is hard and very durable. It is most preferred for performing activities like yoga. In the hot summer time, this bamboo rug cools the place. You can use one of these for your pool side activities.

• Jute rugs

Just like the bamboo rugs, they are mostly used in Asian countries. They are perfect for summer months.

• Funky rugs

This is a very fun category, if you are into funky, bold or asymmetrical designs or all of them. There are some very fun rugs in the market to satisfy this taste.

• Designer rugs

If you have the money to splash and don’t mind paying for a beautiful designer area rug, this is going to be fun for you. There are a wide range of designer carpets, matching your style and taste. You can pick what you like or get them custom made. Kids also enjoy their share of designer rugs, customized with their favorite idol or cartoon character.

• Outdoor rugs

You can use outdoor rugs in your balcony, or your terrace garden or even your barbecue party. Consider using themed outdoor area rugs for your themed parties. Your Fourth of July party will get even more fun.

• Kids rugs

Kids’ rugs are a whole different segment these days. Cartoon characters and teen idols very often decorate these carpets, making it a very popular choice amongst kids. Fun, interactive designs like alphabets, numbers, word building and other such rugs are also available. Little girls can pick from cute Barbie themed carpets and boys get to pick their race car themed rugs.

• Themed rugs

Pick themed rugs for your special occasions. Express your love with Valentine’s Day sets. Or invite friends over for a scary Halloween with your scary carpet. Decorate your bathroom in a themed set. Pick an Egyptian three piece, complete with matching towels and soap cases or go contemporary.

So next time you plan to go area rug shopping, do look at the “fun” rugs. You may find something fun and cool there for yourself.

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