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Finding the Budget Friendly and Environmentally Savvy Construction Team

Construction during the winter months is never ideal, nor is it often seen, as far as street construction goes. However, I have seen plenty of building construction projects continue through the winter months to make a spring season deadline. That’s not to say that construction workers don’t want to have the bulk of the project completed before it snows. Time management is key.

A professional project management team will have:
• Education
• Experience
• Communication Skills
• Skill in math, spreadsheet software for budgeting purposes

Construction management teams handle a variety of functions throughout the building process. They are responsible for planning, coordinating, and monitoring a project on day one through completion. Some functions include:
• Preconstruction phase planning an actual construction plan and follow-up process after completion
• Manage budget, timeliness, quality and safety
• Coordination of team member roles and creator of a clear communication channel
• Decentralized management style that allows for measurable and consistent progress.

Another major inclusion is keeping the client involved with the process. As construction management teams work and build, it is important to communicate before, during and after the project. In the beginning stages, have a detailed system drawing that the client can understand too.

With any building process comes construction management and general contracting services. This involves working with a construction team employing education and experienced contractors who exceed client’s expectations. A general contractor’s typical duties involve:
• Creating a competitive bid to keep costs at a minimum
• Providing knowledge and an experienced team, them managing and scheduling them accordingly
• Maintaining an aggressive schedule, recording progress and responding to any issues appropriately
• Keeping a clean worksite and properly disposing of construction waste

Construction waste can be hazardous once landfilled. Construction wastes, such as bricks, concrete, and wood can be used for 10 to 15% of materials that go into a building. So there are considerable measures that can be taken to recycle or reduce waste. Assuming many Americans have joined the trend of recycling, as a client, it is an important question to ask, if you’re an environmentally savvy person.

Planning for proper disposal before hand is advised. Once the client and contractor have met, it is highly likely that contractor knows what materials are going to be used. With that in mind the proper disposal dispensaries can be in place at the ground breaking ceremony.

From project management to construction management, all the way to clients seeking the most experienced, environmentally conscious construction team, there is a lot that goes into building. In the Midwest, it’s preferred to be completed by winter, but sometimes you just have to push through. Make sure the construction team is ready to be available from start to finish and a follow-up.

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