Solid Hardwood Flooring – What To Choose And Where To Install

Hardwood flooring is back! It is once again the preferred choice of home owners for wood flooring installations. There was a time when the only product used for flooring was solid hardwood but with the passage of time, various varieties of classic wood floor emerged such as resilient tile that resembles the wood, engineered wood, laminate “wood” flooring, and many more. However, hardwood is on a come back trail and is fast becoming the favored product beating the completion like laminate flooring hands down.

Solid Hardwood Vs Engineered Wood Flooring

Is there a difference, you might ask. Yes, there is. Engineered wood flooring is a product that has a plywood-type base and is only faced with hardwood. Whereas, flooring is the product that is actually hardwood from top to bottom, hence, the name hardwood. Another reason for the emphasis on solid is because soft wood types such as Pine are not used in flooring installations. Another hallmark of hardwood is its classic, tongue-and-groove characteristic.

Recommended Places For Installing Solid Hardwood

It is important not to be misguided by the words “Solid” and “Hard” in solid hardwood flooring. Home owners can tend to interpret these words for indestructible material for their flooring installations which is not the case. Solid wood is not a product that is suitable for use in every part of your house. For your convenience, we have described below where you can use this flooring installation type.

The ideal locations for installing flooring in your house are places that have the least bit of moisture such as your dining room, living room and bedrooms. All of these are considered to be either at-grade, or above-grade, based on the presence of moisture in that particular area. Kitchen is a place where you may choose to use this flooring type; however, considering the moisture in kitchens, a lot of home owners tend to prefer resilient flooring or tile which are better moisture-resistant surfaces.

Bathrooms are the places where it is strongly recommended not to use hardwood as there is too much moisture. Similar is the case of basements that also contain high moisture content and are considered to be a poor choice for using solid wood. Laminate flooring and other engineered products are mush better options for use in such places.

Why You Should Prefer Solid Hardwood Over Other Flooring Installations

Various types of flooring installations do appear quite similar to hardwood flooring but how do they fare on some of the vital elements? Let’s find out.

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