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Buying New Carpet, What Top Styles to Be Aware of When You Begin Your Search for New Flooring

Buying New Carpet

We suggest keeping it simple by looking at the 4 main styles of carpet,
• cut-pile
• frieze’
• loops (sometimes called Berber) and
• pattern

If you can start by selecting a “style type” – one of these four, and understand industry trends and pricing with groups of different products in a good / better / best price range, then start to narrow down color range you’ll be off to a fast start in selecting your new carpet.

Cut-Pile is the standard carpet product you tend to see in many homes in America. It can be very inexpensive or very pricey or anywhere in between. It can have a clean look across the top and have a smooth finish visually.

Frieze’ is the crimped style of yarn that usually looks a bit more casual in rooms or homes.

Loops or Berber can be practical in some homes, however when seams fail of if it get s a snag, it can look very unsightly.

Pattern carpet can have very beautiful and stylish looks. These tend to be some of the most expensive types of carpet just due to the manufacturing costs demanded by these sometimes intricate styles.

Try to narrow down your search by selecting a style, then begin to fine-tune price, quality and finally, choose your new carpet color.

Let’s say for example you end up looking at a Frieze’ carpet. It hits your minimum expectations for thickness, it has what we call soft “hand” and best yet, it has a 20 year performance warranty. Frieze’ carpet also gets a positive nod from the Designer community as it can provide a long-term durability that helps to cost justify the added expense for this look. The warranties that come with it have great stain resistance – remember, no carpet is completely stain-proof, however some can resist stains better than others. The newest yarns are all highly stain resistant, fighting off the most common of household stains like red wine, coffee, even bleach. So, not a bad choice in some homes.

Another option is Pattern carpet. The entry point on cost for pattern carpet seems to be about 10-30% more than standard cut-pile for the same face weight, however the aesthetic beauty of pattern carpet is appealing and it also tends to be a pretty durable style type. Some of these are beautiful – floral prints, tropical looks, basket-weave styles, waffle look styles and more.

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