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The Reality of Working for a Temporary Labor Staffing Company

Construction staffing agencies have played a major role in helping industrial project managers staff construction projects whether it be a one day, one week, one month, or longer job. The American Staffing Association estimates that more than that over 89% of U.S. companies use staffing firms to fill open positions and complete projects. Of those who are looking for a first job, many have relied on the resources of a staffing agency for employment. Temporary construction agencies have set a trend of assisting thousands of workers with securing income and gaining experience in their respective fields.

Unfortunately, these successes have come at the cost of a presumed reputation for the staffing industry. Many potential workers have held on to common myths rather than securing their futures with a reputable construction staffing agencies. Often, these myths are passed around and recycled based on long-held notions about temporary work. Here is a frank look at some of those myths.

-Temporary jobs do not offer job benefits

Many staffing agencies can afford to give their temporary employees benefits like health insurance, and do so. Through group health plan structures, these companies can give workers dental, vision, disability and life insurance as well as basic health coverage. This is a reprieve to those who have been displaced because of downsizing or other sudden company strategies. Benefits do not stop at insurance either. Personal time off, vacation and recruiting bonuses for good employee referrals also await many staffing agency workers.

-A temporary construction job is not a “real” job

Some of the top companies in the U.S. call on staffing agencies to fill their open positions. These companies include: Amazon, Starbucks, Visa, and Microsoft. In fact these companies budget for temporary positions during busy seasons to ease the burden to regular workflow. The silver lining for those who secure temporary positions through staffing agencies lies in the possibility of becoming a permanent employee eventually. Not all companies can guarantee this move, but when full-time, permanent positions become available the temporary worker is in a golden place to interview.

-You will not earn a decent wage as a temporary construction employee.

This thought comes directly from the tendency for some people to look down on temporary positions as low-ranking jobs. In fact, many of them are not. The fact that a job is temporary only defines its duration, and not its level of service or pay. This is true for the construction industry and many others. Construction work, or work for any company, is best not be narrowly defined at entry-level grunt work. Many construction managers, factory foremen, etc. have all been hired through staffing agencies before. Although the minimum wage is the conventional guideline for any industry, there are many other factors that figure pay scale. As always, it depends on education/training, ability, experience, and capabilities as shown by screening tests and the success of interviews.

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