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Evaluating the Expense Associated With Setting Up a Concrete Plant

Setting up a concrete batch plant is a big project no matter how large or complex the concrete plant may be. On the surface, it sounds like any other construction project, something most anyone considering installing a concrete plant is probably familiar with, but rest assured soon after really diving into any concrete plant setup project you will find they are similar to most other construction projects in their delays and overrun budgets. Obviously the type of concrete plant y are setting up and even the manufacturer are all considerations and variable in your project, but with few exceptions your site will require excavation, improvement, foundation and preparation before the steel and equipment associated with yr concrete plant even arrive. Along with all the traditional site preparation steps like permits, surveys, erosion and flow control and other environmental considerations can come hidden unknowns such as piling requirements to support the massive equipment loading and weights or even costly utility upgrades.

Once your site is properly planned, permitted, and prepared to receive the concrete plant and other equipment, it is necessary to carefully pre-plan the arrival, offload and staging of your new concrete plant. This is a very important step commonly overlooked that can run into thousands of extra dollars spent if not properly planned. Some heavy equipment will require a crane for offloading from the trucks as well as for the equipment setup. Staging equipment as it arrives and unloading it in a position that enables the crane to pickup and erect the piece for the place it is unloaded is critical in many cases. Hours can be spent rigging and moving a crane from place to place because a silo or other piece of equipment was placed too far away for the setup position is an all too common mistake. Staging too much equipment too close to each other is also a frequent problem when installers are unable ton a over the equipment around each other to facilitate the installation properly.

Once the equipment is onsite and staged properly the setup will usually begin with the major steel setup. Concrete plant erection usually includes the rigging and setup of the equipment from its shipping position usually on its site to its operational position. The equipment the must be secured to the foundation usually through structurally welding the attachment pints to weld plates secured I the foundation or in some cases using heavy duty foundation bolts. As additional equipment is setup it often builds for the previous equipment installed attaching using welded points or heavy duty bolts. It is also noteworthy they while some manufacturers are great at making sure bolt holes and connection points one up properly, other manufacturers are less careful thereby making field fabrication and troubleshooting the connections of equipment commonplace at first time concrete plant set ups.

Once all of the steel and accessory equipment has been placed, electrical and plumbing connections are usually made and manual testing is completed. After all functions of the equipment have been properly tested and deemed satisfactory for use the plants scales and automatic control system, if applicable, are calibrated and certified but the local governing body. It is important to remember local governments and requirements vary from place to place. While one area may allow a plant to start operating within minimal paperwork and inspections, other areas may have tough environmental laws requiring your silo to be inspected for emissions when they are filled or similar requirements. Care should be take to ensure you completely understand all local codes and requirements at a necessary to operate your equipment so you can ensure the equipment ordered meets the necessary criteria and is installed properly.

Installation of concrete batch plants is a big project requiring extensive prep panning and careful onsite workmanship. While similar to other construction projects involving lots of consideration, the considerations involved with a concrete plant are unique and challenging.

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