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Kennel Flooring

For those enjoying the last of the scorching summer sun and the (thankfully) decreasing temperatures and humidity, the temptation to spend just as much of your free time outside is wholly understandable. With family, friends and pets all basking in the remnants of the glorious weather, many people are still planning lots of enjoyable backyard parties and weekend garden barbecues together.

When it comes to different types of pets, the summer months can become an uncomfortable time, especially for dogs with thick, densely-haired coats of fur. They may want to play a game of “Chase” or “Catch” with adults and children alike, but such activities are hard for any animal possessing lots of furry features to endure. Furthermore, natural grass areas can grow very warm when the sun shines down for long periods of time, and the heat can be difficult for pet paws to withstand on a day-today basis. Many homeowners will put down grass, hay, cedar mulch or strips of old newspaper in a concerted effort to ease any pain that they may suffer.

Many dog owners will employ the use of gravel (typically about two inches deep), although one of the main disadvantages is that it can be painful for dogs to lay in for an extended period of time. Another drawback is that it is very difficult to remove dog waste from gravelly areas. On the other hand, woodchips are another choice to consider, although they regularly result in splinters in the foot pads of any poor puppy or pooch. Both of these options can also be easily dug through, and may therefore require frequent cleanups. Both of these conventional ground coverings can sometimes unfortunately allow odors, molds and bacteria to build up and spread throughout the area.

Alongside the innovative technology that has developed over the years in relation to affordable artificial grass products and revolutionary sports court surfaces, many dog owners are starting to investigate the benefits of a professionally installed kennel flooring area. These new and innovative products not only offer a safe, snug and cozy spot for your dog to relax in, but can also stop numerous kind of harmful germs, fungi and mildew from festering.

Most manufacturers of durable kennel flooring are easy to install and dig-resistant, and a nonslip polyurethane coating is added that makes the entire area much quicker to clean. It can be easily washed and self-draining (in case of toilet-related accidents!), as well as also not getting too hot or cold in varying temperatures and climates. Naturally, the best idea is to have a specific area chosen for your bowwow’s bed to be situated, and rubberized mats or soft blankets can also be put down that provide a more welcoming playing surface for your dogs to enjoy.

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