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All You Need To Know About Behavior And Quality Of The Silver Coated Copper Wires

Wires are defined as the flexible strand made out of the different metals depending on the type of the application for transmission of electricity and the electrical signals. They come in various forms and are made in different sizes, which vary according to the design of the device. The electricity behaves differently in the long wires than the short ones as per the proximity effects. The AC power travels near the surface of the wire while DC power travels through the whole of the same. Besides this, AC power creates a magnetic field all around to create a proximity effect.

Most materials and the metals have impurities when they are extracted out from the ores. Copper has excessive oxygen content which cause early corrosion that further effect the conductivity of the wires. To protect the metal from rusting and slow down the process, it is coated with the noble metal silver. As silver is less reactive to the corrosion due to the limited presence of oxygen, it has greater resistivity properties.

Factors That Determine The Design And Quality Of Wires:-

Resistivity Power: It is the measure of excitation of the electrons in the wire’s conductor material, which results in creation of heat and loss of efficiency. Creation of heat is the sign of wastage and in case of power transmission, lowest the resistivity and betters the transmission. The silver coating creates better resisting power so that it can be used to flaunt most complex electrical applications with an ease.

Right Design For Right Job: Picking up a right design for a right job is important because it plays a major role in cost savings and engineering of the wires. The solid wires have less area to corrode and are rigid and strong in the most applications. The factors listed below determine the wire design so that the engineers can design a cost effective projection:-

  • Durability
  • Voltage and level of the current
  • Suspension strength
  • Use of wire (Underground or underwater)
  • Temperature required in the operation

Role Of Silver Coating: Since the copper is abundant and cost saver in the nature, it is considered as the best metal for designing the wires in electrical applications. Silver is a noble material and has better thermal and electrical conductivity; however, it is costlier in price. To reap the benefits, a coating of silver is deposited on the copper wires to make a durable and cost friendly structure. It also provides better solderability and malleability to the wires.

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