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How to Buy Good Quality Travertine Tiles

You will need to check a few things to make sure of the quality of travertine tiles. The first thing and most important thing that you need to take into consideration, is to check the back and front of the tiles. If the tiles have large back to front holes, this is a sign that they are not good quality travertine. The fillings on travertine tiles should not be large, because they start coming out after a while. Small fillings will not cause any problem at all.

The second thing to take into account is the depth of fillings on the travertine tiles. Large, back to front fillings are not signs of a good quality travertine. Another thing that you need to consider as well is how porous the tiles are. You can do an experiment to find out more about the tiles. For example, you could pour some coffee on the surface of the tiles, leave it for a few minutes to dry and then try to clean the tiles with a piece of cloth. If you are able to clean it, it means that the tile is not that porous. If the tiles absorb the dirt into them and you are not able to clean them once they have dried, then you know that is not good quality travertine.

It is a good idea to check if the factory calibrated the tiles correctly. It will save you time and money if the tiles are perfectly square and all the same thickness. No need to worry if they are not, as this can be fixed and calibrated on site, or your tiller could level it with the amount of tile adhesive that he uses to lay the tiles.

You must check the edges of the tiles as well, to make sure of the quality. If the edges have a lot of holes in them, similar to a sponge, it is not a good sign. It is fine if there are a few tiny holes, but too many is not acceptable, as it shows that the tiles are soft and porous. The tiles should not be chipped on the edges either – this shows that the packing was not done properly, which means you might be finding a lot of broken tiles when you open the crate.

Price is not the only thing that you need to consider when buying travertine tiles. If you think long-term, the bad quality tiles that cost less will end up costing you more to maintain compared to the better quality tiles. You need to make sure that you access what your needs are, the look and feel of the tiles, and the durability and lifespan before you buy. travertine tiles bring beauty and peace to your home so it is worth spending a little bit of extra money to buy them.

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