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Tips on Buying Granite Tiles

You may have heard of global granite tile flooring but with little knowledge of the significance that it has to the interior of your home. Well, granite tiles are the best for your interior and exterior finishes. They are found in three great finishes: flamed, honed and polished. Granite tiles also differ in color, shape, size and pattern, which calls for a detailed buying guide to help you get the best for your home. This article takes you through some of the consideration.


Inasmuch as global granite tiles are strong and durable, it does not imply that all the qualities in the market are ideal for your interior and exterior decoration. There are manufacturers who are out to make money alone, and will therefore offer local tiles with the quality label. Pure granite tiles are scraped and temperature resistant.

Quality also implies that you have to ascertain whether they have fissures and cracks. Even the smallest fissures can turn out to be huge cracks in the long run, and this should be avoided. Similarly, consider the warranty information. You need to know how confident the manufacturer is with regard to the tile because you may need compensation if you incur huge losses in the process of installation.

Color and design

With advancements in culture and technology, you might prefer to decorate the home in the most exotic way. For an attractive interior, there are modern and stylish granite tiles from which you can select. What you should note is that darker colors can make your kitchen and living room brighter. The colors can be brown, pink, blue, red and many more shades. The texture can also create a lot of drama to your floors and countertops, and should be considered too depending on where the tiles will be used. One thing you need to make sure is that the manufacturers do the installation for you; because tile installation it is not something you can do unless you have the skills. They understand the pressure and strain that these tiles can stand, and will therefore be best suited to do the installation for you.

Price and size

Granite tiles may be relatively expensive compared to other tiles, perhaps because of their durability and elegance. Although the price is greatly dependent on the type of tiles that you buy, it is recommended that you seek the help of an expert designer to decide on the quantity that you need for your home.

Lastly, the size of granite tiles is also influential. Designers recommend small sized tiles which are square in shape, and if they will be used for flooring, then go for the minimum thickness so that they are easy to work with. Evenness of the stone is important because they will be used for interior decorations.

In summary, granite is now considered the best building material when it comes to flooring and countertops. With such a buying guide, you should not have problems in choosing the appropriate size, color, design and pattern of granite tiles.

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