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Choosing an Area Rug to Match the Homes Decor

An area rug offers the perfect opportunity to add a touch of warmth and color to a home, while also helping to create a certain degree of intimacy and lifting the chill from an otherwise bare floor. A well placed area rug in the right color and proportions is certain to help with unifying a room. A further benefit is the ability to offer some noise protection.

With such a selection of colors and styles in the local furniture stores, choosing an area rug to offer the desired character to the living room or bedroom shouldn’t be difficult. Here are several points to consider in the process of deciding on the right rug –

Color – A significant area to get right in the process of choosing the rug relates to the color and its ability to coordinate with the surrounding decor. It isn’t necessary for the colors of the walls and furniture to match the rug, but it certainly helps if at least one color is able to coordinate. It often helps to take along samples of upholstery fabric, paint, or wallpaper when visiting the shop to getting a better idea of what is likely to complement each other.

Pattern – If looking at the patterned rugs and not the plains, it is crucial to make sure the rug design isn’t likely to be competing with the wall decor and upholstery. A living room with wallpaper or upholstery featuring elaborate patterning is certain to benefit from the area rugs with a more subtle style. However, it the existing decor is more on the subdued side, a bright or busy pattern is often highly effective at adding a certain degree of interest to the space.

Foot traffic – A crucial factor to consider relates to the volume of foot traffic a rug is likely to receive on a daily basis. Area rugs placed in areas of high-traffic often do well with the detailed patterned rugs. A rug with noticeable pattern is often seen to require less maintenance.

Spacious – If planning on creating a more spacious room, use the light-colored rugs, since the dark rugs are more desirable for those wishing to create a cozy atmosphere.

Texture – Investing in the area rugs with a variety of fibers like jute or sisal is able to offer a more attractive finish for the tile or hardwood floors. A rug manufactured with a several different fibers is certain to help with adding more interest to the look and feel.

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