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Cleaning Tips for Green Flooring

Green flooring is a term created from environmentally friendly, recyclable material treated and compacted into a form usable for flooring tiles. However, because green flooring is so new, there are questions about how to properly clean and take care of this type of flooring.

Provided below are a few cleaning tips to help you out. Whether you are deciding to get green or you have just moved into a new place with this type of flooring, these tips will help you take care of your floors.

1. Sweeping and Vacuum

Prior to doing anything else with your green flooring, be sure to first sweep and then vacuum. The reason why you sweep and vacuum is to remove any particulates of dirt that may be on the surface of your flooring. If left on the floor, then the effectiveness of cleaning options will be reduced. In addition, particles may scratch the surface of the floor in later steps if not cleaned up first. Regardless of what may happen, sweeping and vacuuming goes a long way to cleaning this type of flooring.

2. Near Boiled Water and Tea Bags

When it comes to treating wood or wood composite often seen in green flooring, it is best to keep chemical treatment down to a minimum. Wood and wood composite naturally fights off various kinds of bacteria and fungus and does not require much to remain clean. One popular approach is to bring water to a near boil before inserting tea bags into the water. The tea contains tannic acid, a light acid that will do a good job breaking down any tough stains on this flooring type. Wait until the water has cooled down before dipping a cloth into the mixture and rubbing the floor.

3. Fixing Marks in the Green Flooring

Another green cleaning tip can be applied if you come across noticeable marks in the flooring. Find a similar colored crayon and rub it into the marks. Using a hair dryer, heat up the surface area as you buff the space with a soft cloth.

When it comes to floors, there are a lot of options. From stones, ceramics and wood to plastics, carpets, and tiles, the choices seem endless. For the last few decades, the driving force behind the market has been desire and cost. However, in the last few years, this has changed with a revolution in green flooring.

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