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Black Mold Remediation Tips

Are you studiously ignoring a black mold problem in your home? Have you noticed that this area has a greenish-black coloring to it? If so, this is a problem you really can’t afford to ignore for the sake of your health and everyone else living in your home. These are signs of a black mold problem and if you have toxic mold in your home then black mold removal needs to become your only priority until it’s been completely eliminated from your home.

It’s important to take black mold seriously so you’ll put these tips for black mold removal to work in your home right away. To help you understand the gravity of the situation, these are just a few of the symptoms that are commonly associated with exposure to black mold: cold or allergy symptoms that just won’t go away, dizziness, memory loss, urinary tract infections, migraines, nausea, birth defects, miscarriages, infertility, and even death.

In fact, this mold alone is responsible for over 100 different types of lung maladies in addition to bleeding of the lungs which is fatal when it affects infants.

While that’s scary enough there are still many people who don’t even know it’s even in their homes. They believe that if their homes are visibly clean there’s no way for something like this lethal mold to be lurking there. Mold isn’t the result of an unclean home.

Humidity is the number one factor in favor of an ideal location for mold to grow. This means that leaking pipes, leaking appliances, and leaking roofs, or even basement leaks can create a prime atmosphere for optimal mold growth.

Flooding also creates a ripe environment for mold to grow. It doesn’t even have to be a major flood to encourage the growth of mold. Something as minor as an overflowed toilet can generate massive growth of mold in short order. The longer it takes to completely dry out the greater the risk of mold growth becomes.

Yellowish colored stains on the walls or ceilings of your home are another sign of fungus growth as are black, green, and brown stains.

Discovering that there is a mold problem though is only half the battle. Now you have to find a few great tips for black mold removal so you can get busy getting rid of this nasty stuff in your home.

Before you make a single move in the direction of black mold removal it’s best to buy proper protective equipment that includes a breathing mask, goggles, and thick rubber gloves. Next you want to find a tough cleaning agent that can kill black mold beneath the surface and not just remove what’s on the surface like bleach does. You should also consider investing in mold resistant paint products that will help slow the growth of mold in the future.

Also invest in a dehumidifier so that you can dry out your home and keep it dry in the future. Moisture is the primary fuel for mold growth. Get rid of moisture in your home and you’ve done a great deal to prevent new mold problems from developing.

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