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About Gerflor Flooring

Gerflor flooring is a manufacturer of vinyl flooring originating in France. Vinyl flooring is a unique type of flooring which is becoming more prominent around Europe. Vinyl was originally made using asbestos but after the 1980s, this was stopped because of the health implications of the product. Since then vinyl flooring has been composed of colored polyvinyl chloride chips which are formed into solid sheets of varying thickness through pressure and heat.

Gerflor flooring is one of the leading manufacturers in the world, being the 3rd most popular choice for vinyl flooring in the world and the second most popular choice in Europe. It is sold in every continent in the world with the exception of Africa. Gerflor has manufacturing depots in France, Ireland, Germany, the Far East and China and it employs over 1800 people worldwide. Gerflor is a very innovative company when it comes to vinyl flooring, explaining on its website that “Gerflor developed and patented the original polyester textile backed vinyl, and was the pioneer of the first cushion vinyl to combine the aesthetic appeal of a domestic flooring to a commercially rated, R10 safety standard.”

But what are the advantages of installing vinyl flooring produced by Gerflor? Vinyl flooring is widely chosen in houses for a number of reasons. Firstly vinyl flooring is waterproof and unlike laminate flooring it does not contain real wood. THis means that you can spill liquids on it without having to worry about the damage it could cause to your floor. As a result of this it is also very easy to clean. Unlike carpet or real wood flooring, vinyl can simply be wiped or mopped and within a few minutes it will be as clean as it was when it was first installed.

Gerflor flooring is particularly durable compared to other types of vinyl. Vinyl is relatively strong and resistant anyway but Gerflor is recognised worldwide for its durability. For this reason it is often installed in areas with heavy foot traffic such as corridors and in public places and schools. The floor can withstand a lot of pressure without being damaged and it is sure to last you several years if you choose to install it.

Gerflor flooring is also one of the best value types of vinyl flooring you can buy as well. With such a high quality finish, you might expect this to be at the upper end of vinyl floor pricing. However it is in fact somewhere in the middle, and is thus very good value for money given its extreme durability.

The final advantage that this flooring brings is that it does not require you to use any complicated or expensive tools to install it. The flooring can be fitted by just about anybody which is also an important factor in rooms where the tiles could get damaged by droppages. Although the floor is durable, you may one day need to refit a tile and with Gerflor this is not a problem.

Gerflor flooring is one of the best providers of vinyl flooring in the world and all for a reasonable price. Vinyl is growing in popularity in Europe so if you are going to join the vinyl hype then make sure that you choose Gerflor.

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