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Why Should I Do Some Travertine Polishing?

Travertine Polishing is done to remove surface imperfections or damage done to installed travertine tiles or pavers. Travertine is decorative natural stone, a form of limestone which is formed near caves or hot springs. At first glance, some people think that travertine is similar to marble – a common natural stone used for buildings. Actually, it is not. Marble is metamorphic rock, formed with extreme heat and pressure. It is also more structurally solid than travertine. Carbon dioxide escapes from the stone during the formation of travertine and this leaves holes throughout the stone, giving it a somewhat fibrous appearance. The commercial value of travertine is determined by the presence of these holes left behind by the carbon dioxide evasion. The more solid-looking stones with less holes are more expensive than the ones with more holes.

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