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Protect The Rooftop Installation Of Cable Trays With These Tips

A Cable Tray is one of the types of cable management system that comes to rescue when managing and supporting the web of wires become a task. They route the right path to wires and give them greater protection from any external damage. However, in an order to reap all its benefits, you should know the best practices for rooftop installation of cable tray that minimize any sort of loss or damage to the trays and wires as well. For better understanding, here we share some simple tips that help you understand all those points you need to keep in mind while installing this cable management system. So, let’s take a look.

  • The Use Of Right Type: The selection of right type of the material and model of cable trays is compulsory to install it the right way and to protect it from any damage. You need to double check the Material, Coating, Model, Design, Size and Length of the tray as it makes a huge difference. To protect the rooftop installation from any damage, make sure you protect the insulation that not only keeps the rooftop protected but cables as well.
  • Include Expansion Joints: Another simple way to minimize loss to rooftop installation is the use the expansion joint at appropriate intervals. This may give protection against the high temperature that exists on the rooftop and ensures the safety and overall effectiveness of the cable trays.
  • Implement Proper Spacing: In an order to get assured about the safety of rooftop cable tray installation, make sure you leave a proper space between the trays. It will give them space to breathe, which minimizes the chances of overheating. Also, it helps to deal with different temperature need of different installation areas. So, you should keep proper spacing between the trays in mind while installing them.
  • Consider Your Application: The need of every application varied from one another and if you want to reap its benefits at the optimized level, so, you should consider the application before purchasing the one. This may help you make a wise decision about your choice and also helps in completing the installation on time.

These are a few tips that help you minimize the wear and tear of rooftop installation of cable trays and increase the protection of the wires inside. So, keep them in your mind and it will help you take the advantage of this cable management system at its best.

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