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How To Avoid Mistakes With DIY Hardwood Floor Installation

Growing up, I never paid much attention to my floor. It was generally covered in carpet, which meant that it was always being vacuumed. Unfortunately, I also suffered from allergies growing up, which I did not realize until many years into my adolescence. By the time I grew into an adult, hardwood floor installation had become one of the most sought after home improvement jobs, which appealed to many people including myself. As a general advocate for do-it-yourself repairs, I thought that I could tackle the job on my own. So, instead of spending money paying for a contractor to take care of it, I tried my hand at hardwood floor installation and quickly realized that it was a demanding job that required a high level of skill to complete.

One of the things that I learned from trying the do-it-yourself approach to hardwood floor installation was that exact measurements were key to saving money on materials and time on construction. It is not to say that I was wild in my measurements, but I definitely could have been more precise during my first go around. I learned that precision was key to making sure that every floor panel fit into place. If I was not precise, I would either have to go and re-cut the panels or buy more to make up for cutting too much. If I had been exact from the start, I would have saved both money and time.

Another thing that I took for granted was how long it would take to install flooring in a relatively small 8 x 11 size room. Taking exact measurements, cutting panels, and then laying them down all took up time that was further compounded because of my initial mistakes. So, one of the hardest lessons I had to learn was to give myself a lot of time to tackle a do-it-yourself project so that I would not end up having to cancel on a first date that would never call me back. In case you were wondering, that did indeed happen to me.

The last of all the mistakes I made during my hardwood floor installation was failing to use high quality materials. Wanting to save more money, I chose building materials that looked good enough, but were not of the best quality. As a result, my floor is currently showing signs of aging and needs repair in some places. If I had elected to pay for better paneling, I might have had my mistakes relegated to my memory rather than being constantly reminded of a do-it-yourself job that definitely could have been done better.

Ultimately, I am happy to have done the job because I saved some money and the end result was good enough. It was not great, but it was still good enough. However, next time I need to install a wooden floor, I will save up first and call a professional so that I can avoid the mistakes and not have to be reminded of them with every step I take.

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