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A Guide to 303 and 410 Composite Stainless Steel

303 Stainless Steel

This composite type is unappealing, austenitic stainless steel that is not set by warm treatment. It is the free machining modification of the fundamental 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Amalgam 303 was considered to possess upgraded machinability while protecting its mechanical and disintegration properties. Because of the substance of sulfur within the metal, Alloy 303 is the most immediately machineable austenitic stainless steel; regardless, the sulfur extension brings Alloy 303’s utilization impenetrability down to underneath that of Alloy 304. Like other austenitic assessments, Alloy 303 shows heavenly toughness, in spite of the way that the sulfur lessens this excessively.

Uses of 303

This Composite is widely used in different capacities where parts will be more or less machined. Examples include:

– Stray pieces

– Air dispatch fittings

– Apparatuses

– Screws

– Shafts

– Electrical switch parts

– Bushings

– Erosion Resistance

Properties of 303

– Great oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 1700F (927C)

– Constant use at temperatures more than 1400F (760C) is not ordinarily endorsed due to carbide precipitation which can provoke unusual scaling

– Does not have a low carbon content so it is similarly vulnerable against refinement.

– 303 is for the most part found in steel plate, pipe and bar shapes.

– Other related stainless steels incorporate 316, 316L (also called AISI 304) and Carbon.

Stainless Steel 410

This composite is comprehensively helpful steel that is used in centered around parts and gives incredible disintegration resistance together with high caliber and hardness. Compound 410 contains no less than 11.5% chromium which is adequately satisfactory to show disintegration resistance properties in smooth atmospheres, steam, and various delicate substance circumstances. Compound 410 has the most extraordinary utilization resistance when it’s cemented and tempered. This kind of steel is way more favored than 304 and 316 stainless steel.


Applications requiring moderate disintegration resistance and high mechanical properties are ideal for Alloy 410. Instances of employments that once in a while used Alloy 410 include:

– Cutlery

– Spouts

– Fasteners, nuts, screws

– Pump and valve parts and shafts

– Mine progression floor covers

– Steam and gas turbine edges

– Kitchen utensils

– Dental and surgical instruments

– Solidified steel balls and seats for oil well pumps

Warmth Treatment

The right treatment temperature is 2000 to 2200F (1093 to 1204C)

Another similar part is Mild steel (otherwise known as Carbon Steel) which contains around 0.05-0.25% carbon making it pliable and malleable. Gentle steel has a respectably low flexibility, be that as it may it is humble and easy to outline; surface hardness can be extended through carbonizing. It is consistently used when significant measures of steel are required, for example as auxiliary steel.

It is essential to find the US steel supply of (steel pipes and steel plates) to be made of 314 Material instead of carbon material.

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