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Top Five Reasons to Buy an Oriental Rug

You have decided that you definitely want to invest in an area rug of some kind to complete and compliment your home’s decor. Amongst your choices are Oriental rugs. Given though that you are likely to have to pay at last a little more to get a good one is it an investment worth making? Here then are the five top, very good, reasons why the answer is yes:

They Will Last a Lifetime..and Beyond

One of the biggest reasons that Oriental rugs have been considered such cherished items for centuries, and by people from all over the world, is their sheer resiliency and durability. Often they become cherished heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, while, provided they are properly taken care of, also increasing in value as they age.

Why are they so long lasting? The materials used – usually wool – help a lot as it is such a naturally resilient material and the intricate knotting techniques used to construct such rugs create a rug that is far ‘tougher’ than its average machine made counterparts.

They are Stunning to Behold

There are lots of good looking rugs out there but Oriental rugs really are, when it comes to aesthetics, truly something special. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors are a lot more than simply pretty to look at though. These rugs have been used for centuries to tell stories, often the stories of the people who created them or the lands they came from. This extra element makes them even more of a talking point and a piece of home decor worth more than the occasional passing glance.

They Never Go Out of Style

Every week for years now Heidi Klum has advised ‘Project Runway’ contestants that ‘in fashion, one day you are in, and the next day you are out.’ This may be true of many things but not of Oriental rugs. The colors are classic rather than gimmicky and the patterns transcend cultures let alone fashion whims. An Oriental rug looks as at home when used as the focal point of a contemporary urban living room as it would of done at the heart of a Victorian drawing room centuries ago.

They are Eco Friendly

Compared side by side to modern synthetic rugs, however expensive, Oriental rugs are simply safer and far friendlier to the environment and the people living in it. Oriental rugs are crafted from natural materials and colored using natural dyes. This means that they do not release the potentially harmful toxins that many synthetic rugs do. And while many synthetic rugs can be frighteningly flammable, the wool used to create an Oriental rug is naturally flame resistant.

They Offer a Great ROI

A good quality Oriental rug is unlikely come along with a price tag that could be classified as cheap. However, if you have to replace your ‘bargain’ rugs every couple of years because they just look, well, too ratty, to be displayed in public anymore then how much of bargain were they in the first place. Any financial whiz will tell you that a good investment is one that offers you a significant ROI (return on your investment) and Oriental rug does just that.

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