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Is It Wood? Or Is It Tile?

Hardwood flooring lends itself to many design styles and is a complimentary partner to any room in your home. There are many species in solid and engineered products including rain forest woods and bamboo. State-of-the-art technology finishes make today’s hardwoods more durable and provide additional stain protection and easy maintenance. There are many cost-effective styles available from a wide group of products.

You most likely have seen or heard of wood-look tile. If not, let me introduce you to a fabulously versatile flooring choice.

Purchasing Wood Tile

Wood-look tiles comes in 3″- 9″ wide by 24″-60″ planks and is priced from $5.00-$15.00 per square foot. The varying widths allow for either a traditional look, straight set or 1/3 off-set or installation in a myriad pf patterns: herringbone, railroad or parquet. The color and specie choices are endless! Wood-look tile can vary from light colors that rival white-washed oak all the way to dark stained woods such as, hickory or cherry.

There exists a wood-look tile for every design style too. The Tabula series by Vallelunga is a very refined wood look with soft grain. If you are looking for a time-worn, rustic look; check out the colors offered by Old Wood or WOW series’.

Why Use Wood Tile?

Wood-look tile is most often porcelain and works very well in Central Oregon. It will hold up to our dusty outdoor lifestyle and can be used on floors, walls (in covered spaces), counter tops, in a 3-season room, bathroom, or kitchen. It also works in virtually all spaces: your fishing cabin, hotel lobby, dental office, craftsman home in NWX, bungalow overlooking Drake Park, or contemporary down town loft. This product is easily maintained with the occasional mop and can be placed over heating coils or mats.

Hardwood tile can be found as cabinets, tables, chairs and compliments to furniture. The classic material will never go out of style. Wood-like tile makes the classic look affordable. Hardwood can be found at many flooring or furniture stores.

The versatility of hardwood is practically limitless and when the right material is paired with the right application, hardwood can boast something everyone wants – ease of maintenance. Hardwood can provide the perfect interior or exterior solutions to your kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. A beautiful home begins with choosing top quality products that signify authenticity and longevity. Hardwood creates fascinating surfaces in any home.

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