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A Few Facts on Concrete Tiles

Are concrete tiles the same as cement tiles?

This is the basic question asked about concrete tiles. Shaped pieces of concrete are otherwise called as cement tiles. People usually tend to be confused when they see tiles labeled as concrete. Cement tiles is what people usually call them, as concrete is something that hasn’t yet been updated in the vocabulary. It is actually a name that sells and sounds better. Regardless of what you plan to call them, they will be known as cement tiles.

Facts about concrete tiles.

1. Cheaper-concrete tiles are usually far cheaper than other tiles, especially stone tiles. They are less expensive to produce, as they are not fired on high temperatures like all other types of tiles and are therefore less time and effort consuming on the part of the consumer.

2. Make them yourself- Not everyone in the world has the required skills to get the tiles done all by themselves, but in case you do, it can save you a fortune. Sale of the extra tiles can even get you to make some profit.

3. Need to be sealed-As they are usually not fired at high temperatures, these tiles are usually less dense and very porous in nature. In this case they must be properly sealed to be protected against staining, water and mildew. In case the sealant is not used, they may crack in the very high temperatures.

4. Textures, colors and patterns-concrete is unique in it molding, unlike any other tiling materials. They can be easily made into shapes and a number of textures can be stamped on them as well. It is very easy to coat and dye, stating that it can be produced in almost any pattern or color.

5. Easy customization-Homeowners can customize their tiles in accordance to any color, shape, texture and pattern, which means they can actually be made to suit specifications for any customers. Every home can design their unique projects in accordance to their unique requirements, something that cannot usually be done with most other type of tiles. Odd sizes, shapes, designs and colors can be one great advantage of concrete tiling.

6. Great at mimicking other materials-as they come with variant options, concrete has the benefit of actually suiting any surface that it needs to be put up on. A variant of styles, colors, textures and patterns can be used to mimic a range of options that include different varieties of wood and stone.

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