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The Timeless Rug – Natural Cowhide

While this is definitely true for many of the traditional area rugs that you would find in local stores, cowhide rugs are a lot different and have been adding charm and appeal to houses of all kinds all across the world. Cowhide is no longer seen as something that only goes with rustic and country decor since many people with very modern decor are adding the pieces to their home.

One of the main characteristics of cowhide is the fact that it adds an elegant appeal that you will absolutely not find with a normal area rug. Normal area rugs are quite plain-looking despite the fact that they come in all sizes, shapes and colors. The fibers can also be quite dense, difficult to clean and hard on the knees if you kneel on the rug. Cowhide, on the other hand, is quite timeless and is soft to the touch. One of the best things about cowhide is the fact that it is quite easy to clean and keep cleaned throughout the years. Many people who have cowhide are noticing that it lasts them almost a lifetime.

In order to keep cowhide clean, you really just have to brush and shake it out every week or two. This is often enough to clean the hairs and to make sure that it is not going to be too dusty. Some people choose to have their cowhide rugs cleaned professionally every few months or at least once a year, but this is totally up to the owner and does not necessarily have to be done. You will find that these types of rugs are also ideal for those who have allergies in the home. The rugs are hypoallergenic and a great addition to just about any style house.

No matter what your decor currently is and what look you’re going for, cowhide is one of the best options for you. There are a lot of different colors, shapes and styles of cowhide for you to choose so you can match it with the style of room it is going to be placed into. You might want to add the rug to a bedroom, living room or den area to add a sort of ambiance that you will not get with just any other rug. Instead of dealing with a difficult area rug with dense fibers that can collect dust, dirt and debris, it might be within your best interest to choose cowhide instead.

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