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Why The Former Aristocracy Of Europe Loved Authentic Persian Rugs

For centuries, authentic Persian rugs have been bought and sold around the world. For many years, owning an authentic rug has been seen as a status symbol, because they were very popular amongst the aristocracy in Europe. It is now possible for people in America to buy authentic Persian rugs, and emulate the aristocratic style with ease. But why were authentic Persian rugs so popular with the upper class in Europe?

One of the major reasons that these rugs were popular is because they had come from far away, and were brought back by traders who were helping to develop stronger trade links with previously inaccessible parts of the world. To be able to get hold of authentic Persian rugs helped to show that you had the best connections to take advantage of these trade links. As they had been brought from a long way away, they were often very expensive, and buying one helped to show that you were wealthy enough to be able to afford these products. The vast majority of people in Europe were not able to afford exotic luxury items such as these rugs, so buying one could help to set you apart from the rest of the population.

The wonderful colors which can be seen in authentic Persian rugs also helped to boost their popularity. At the time, different regions of the world used different dyeing methods to dye fabrics, and some areas were less advanced than others in this area. Persian rug makers and fabric merchants were well known for their expertise in fabric dyeing. Their techniques were able to produce vivid, long-lasting colors, which were very different from those available in other areas. These rugs offered people the opportunity to add a splash of color to their floors (and walls) if they wanted to brighten up their homes even more.

There was also a lot of showmanship and one-upmanship in the aristocracy of Europe. Inviting other aristocrats to your home was a popular pastime, and it was always important to have new pieces to show off so that you could reassert your wealth and worth. Portraying wealth helped to give people political sway and influence, and allowed them to keep power. If other wealthy families in the area had a collection of authentic Persian rugs, you needed to have your collection of rugs to show off. Some people even traveled to the region themselves to pick out designs, as this helped people to give an interesting back story to their art collection.

These rugs also increase in value as they age, so long as they are kept in good condition. The best pieces were often traded between influential families as part of larger negotiations, along with other works of art like sculptures and paintings. This helped to cement their popularity with aristocratic families in Europe.

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