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The Upside of Wood Flooring

For starters, not all woods are created equally. Some are much harder and more durable than others. Some are more sustainable, which is a big deal for an increasing number of homeowners.

One option that’s especially enduring is engineered hardwood, which is made of a thinner layer of genuine hardwood on top of engineered wood to increase strength. It looks the same as hardwood (since it is hardwood!) but doesn’t warp or twist as easily, and doesn’t kill as many trees to make.

Some homeowners love hardwood because it’s so easy to clean. It doesn’t collect dust like carpet. It’s easy to see when the floor can use some sprucing up, and a simple weekly cleaning is more than enough to keep these woods clean. You can vacuum, mop or wipe. Nothing compares to a gleaming hardwood floor, and a quick sweep can instantly make your home glow.

Warm and Cozy

A word typically linked to wood floors is warmth. Wood is comforting, has a natural, homey feel and goes with absolutely everything. You never have to worry about your floors clashing with your walls or furniture.

Plus, wood is strong. If it’s kiln-dried and professionally installed, wood floors can last more than a lifetime. However, if you choose wood that hasn’t been stored nearby, make sure it rests indoors for a few days before installation. Otherwise, it can expand or contract, causing buckling or leaving spaces between floorboards.

Wood floors can easily handle lots of traffic and homes with kids or pets. It’s an investment, and a long-term one at that. Since you’ll instantly increase the value of your home with wood floors, consider that when budgeting. It’s a great tool for selling a home, and that initial investment can pay for itself. A higher home value, bidding price and appraisal are all possible with wood flooring.

The Choice Is Yours

Woods come in endless variations, from plank width to knottiness to colors. You can stain or paint floors, too – or even cover them with carpet if necessary (such as if you want temporary carpet while the kids are crawling).

For musicians, wood provides excellent acoustics. Even better, wood floors help improve your indoor air quality. It doesn’t have any grout lines or fibers trapping allergens, making wood the easy choice for anyone with allergies or asthma.

Wood is one of the few materials that becomes even more desirable with age. While engineered hardwood has its advantages, consumers love the appeal of solid wood floors. It’s one of the best renovation decisions you can make, especially since flooring takes up so much real estate in a home. Imagine a room with hardwood versus carpet: You instantly have different ideas about the beauty and appeal of this room based solely on the flooring.

Choosing hardwood floors means choosing an ageless aesthetic for your home that will last for generations.

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