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If You Are in Love With Rhomboid Tiles, Read on

Rhomboids do make particularly appealing designs, and wall and floor tiles look amazing. Where would you place them? They suit not only business premises and residences, but could gracefully adorn living room walls as well as bathrooms. Put them in powder rooms and on the back wall of shower enclosures. Install an accent wall at the home or business entrance with a variety of rhomboids surrounded by contrasting plain shades. Plain shades with rails could be the surroundings for rhomboid tiles in the center of the accent wall. Choice of shades may be personal but lighter shades usually suit the interiors that would look rather darkened otherwise.

Subway patterns, abstract natural shades, mosaics of many patterns – though they may all be attractive, rhomboids with that upward pointing tower does have a special attraction, no doubt. Many other geometric figures adorn walls and floors and some planning and color blending would be required to work out the esthetic concerns.

If you are looking for rhomboid tiles of Calacatta or Durango, they are available just like myriad other tile materials that come to us from around the globe. In the hustle and bustle of contemporary life and work, we hardly glance at walls and floors. If we did, rhomboids would often greet the vision as a highly preferred layout along with other complex designs surrounding them in mosaics.

Rhomboids like almost everything nowadays have got complicated and come in various configurations like the cut corners, pillow and flat, though much can be said in favor of the standard star like original.

If models are required to help visualize what the rhomboids would look like, imagine crushed glass with stone rhomboids mosaic tiles in a silver cloud shade. Honed white marble chair rail adorns the borders. The floor could be of contrasting color, perhaps coffee colored or deep blue, opting for a different pattern like the subway style to avoid overdoing it.

An amazing variety of rhomboid patterns in mesmeric colors that heighten the consciousness is available in online catalogs. Glass tiles are universal favorites, especially in business concerns with their invigorating luminescence and play of colors, yet some customers may not desire such a grand extravaganza. Perhaps the grays, whites and browns are sober enough for most applications, surrounded by a whiff of fantasy in loud hues. Arabescato Carrara 12X12 Blended Rhomboid Mosaic sells for $12 per square foot in the market.

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